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Celestial's latest commission has been a ground-breaking event for EDINBURGH’S HOGMANAY 2020. Inspired by the verse of Scottish Poet Laureate Jackie Kay, Celestial designed and filmed three spectacular drone shows in the Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh.

Using 150 drones, our technical team delivered multiple displays under pressure and in extreme locations. And Celestial's creatives worked alongside production partners Underbelly, visual artist Gary Wilson and cult band Niteworks to take our audience on a magical journey across Scotland in a trilogy of innovative films. Despite the challenges of Covid, we are proud to have created an epic message of hope for Scotland and beyond.

Celestial is the world’s only drone display company that combines advanced technology with breathtaking organic performance. We are a creative collective of award-winning film makers, musicians, developers and above all, storytellers. At our heart, we believe a shared sense of wonder can be used to unite humankind.

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Organic performance and events

We are proud to have created a groundbreaking new art form we call SKYTHEATRE. With unlimited visual possibilities, SKYTHEATRE represents the next level in drone displays.


Emergency aerial signage

Celestial Human Support is a Not For Profit initiative that repurposes our proprietary hardware and software for the good of humankind. We can respond to urgent needs. Unprecedented problems call for creative thinking.


developing and innovating drone solutions

Celestial Laboratories is the technical heart beat at the centre of our innovation, where technology meets imagination.

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Our apps and software makes impossible ideas a reality. And our proprietary software does what no-one else can because it’s developed and led by an award-winning creative team.

We also license our technology to be used by the largest events companies, so that their creative teams can deliver show-stopping displays around the world.


Tony – co founder

Starting out as a lighting director before becoming a successful recording artist, Tony Martin went on to be European Vice President at Sony Music, developing its new technology strategy. The creative and innovative use of technology has driven his career ever since. Tony has founded multiple businesses and as Celestial’s CEO he continues to be a technology evangelist as well as an experienced drone pilot.

John – co founder

The creative lead at the company, John Hopkins is also an award-winning filmmaker, with two decades directing commercials and a feature film under his belt. At Celestial, John plans to pull down the stars and create a shared sense of wonder, uniting audiences with unforgettable live experiences. He is passionate about introducing a new form of storytelling, and organic movement, into the ground-breaking shows we deliver.

Nick - co founder

With Celestial's aim to be preeminent in the world of drone displays, Nick Kowalski's extensive experience as a large-scale, live events producer is invaluable. And when it comes to drone software and hardware, Nick is an expert. He spent many years developing a top secret, military-funded drone bike as well as being an experienced drone pilot himself.

Anthony - lead technical artist

Previously the professor at Bath Spa University's digital animation department, Anthony Head now leads the animation team at Celestial Labs, translating creative ideas into the stunning and intricate movements of hundreds of drones. Anthony is also behind the unique algorithms that allow our drone swarms to move in natural, organic ways.

Ossian - chief technology officer

An expert in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality our CTO, Ossian Whiley, is at the cutting edge of Motion Capture, one of the key components in our technical arsenal. Oss coordinates all our software development efforts. The immersive systems allowing collaboration and interaction between the drone swarm and performers, audiences and apps are also managed by Oss.

Antony Burry - head of systems innovation

Antony has always been an innovator that looks at the technical world of coding from his own unique perspective. His experience in developing some of the lighting solutions for Coldplay and his extensive involvement in a host of live event scenarios has seen him literally write code with an audience of more than 50,000 people waiting to see the band hit the stage. We're proud to have someone who can handle that kind of pressure on the Celestial team..


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